Ryan Reynolds' Snyder cut?

The Hollywood star releases a hilarious fake trailer

by Pierre Lorenz on August 4, 2020

Since the Snyder cut to "Justice League", which has been demanded by fans for years, was finally announced, the expectations of the fans after the failed cinema version are of course quite high. Also Ryan Reynolds seems to wish for a compensation for his DC-flop "Green Lantern", because a few days ago he released a fake trailer in Snyder-Cut style and typical Reynolds humor. He calls his fake trailer for a "Green Lantern" cut the Reynolds cut, and it's a good one, because even a not quite real Tom Cruise has an appearance as a DC superhero.

He also announced on Twitter that he will not play Hawkman in "Black Adam", even though he does everything else The Rock says and that he would love to appear in the Snyder cut. As you can see, the "Green Lantern" actor is back on the road in typical Reynolds manner, even if this funny trailer can't hide the disappointing future of "Deadpool", because while the Snyder-Cut will be released already next year, it will probably take at least another five years until a release of "Deadpool 3", if you believe a statement of "Deadpool" creator Rob Liefeld from a few months ago.

Image of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings Series© Disney