"Terminator": James Cameron Comments on Planned Continuation

There is still a strong interest in the film series

by Pierre Lorenz on December 29, 2022

"Avatar: The Way of Water", the second part of James Cameron's passion project, is currently being screened in cinemas. Only recently, the box-office takings hit the 1 billion US dollar mark!

However, there are other movie series that the 68-year-old popularized, above all "Terminator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The cult film series still enjoys great popularity nearly forty years after the original movie and, after a number of flops, is in desperate need of a major makeover in order to appeal to fans once again. On the Smartless podcast, hosted by the three actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, Cameron was a special guest shortly before Christmas and shared his plans for a new "Terminator" movie under his direction. According to him, it is not yet decided whether he will make another "Terminator" film, but if he does, he would put a special focus on the artificial intelligence (AI) of the robots and not just portray them as evil machines.

The big question is whether a "Terminator" film by Cameron would even be feasible. His priority is undoubtedly "Avatar", as he has emphasized often enough. So assuming that five movies are actually released, the "Terminator" flick would come out no earlier than 2030, which is a tad too far in the future even for the world of film - all the more so since Cameron would be 76 by then. Nevertheless, anything is possible in Hollywood and you can look forward to further news from Cameron, as long as you have the necessary patience.

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