Planned remake: Ryan Gosling will soon be seen in a new, scary role

The Dark Universe of Universal Pictures gets a new offshoot after all

by Pierre Lorenz on June 3, 2020

Superstar Ryan Gosling will soon be seen in a new role. According to relevant media reports, he will play the "Wolfman" in a planned new adaptation of the film monster, which has existed since 1941. According to these reports, Universal has big plans for a joint franchise of its cult monsters, which recently failed to convince with the disappointing adventure film "The Mummy". Gosling himself is heavily involved in the script and has already been able to win over "Orange Is A New Black" authors Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo for his production. Regarding the director, preparations are also proceeding. At the top of the list is Cory Finley, who recently scored a surprise hit with HBO's "Bad Education".

According to the Hollywood Reporter's information, Gosling will play a newsreader in the modern adaptation, who turns into the Wolfman due to an infection. If this reminds you of "Nightcrawler", you're not so wrong, because according to an insider of the magazine, "The Wolfman" is actually supposed to create a similar atmosphere as the fantastic movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Unfortunately, a release date for "The Wolfman" hasn't been fixed yet.

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