The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2: Bowser Actor Jack Black Talks About The Cast

The Illumination boss, in the meantime, is being secretive

by Tom Hartig on April 10, 2023

While "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is breaking all kinds of records and the ending raises interesting questions, many people want to know one thing above all: What are the prospects for a "Super Mario Bros. Movie 2"?

Chris Meledandri, the studio chief of Illumination, was asked by Bloomberg about plans regarding a sequel. The answer speaks for itself: he is currently not allowed to talk about it. For us, that translates to: Of course, sequels are to be expected. Considering the studio's previous approach of continuing hits like "Despicable Me" or the "Minions", this is hardly surprising given the huge success of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie".

One of the movie's highlights is surely Bowser, played by Jack Black. Black also talked to GameSpot about the future of the franchise. He doesn't see it as a given that Bowser will return as the bad guy for a second part. Instead, though, he could team up with Mario and the others against an even bigger villain: Wario! And who should embody him? Well, none other than "The Last of Us" star Pedro Pascal. We could easily imagine worse things for "Super Mario Bros 2".

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