Fast & Furious 11: The Director for the Finale Has Been Confirmed

He's already a Fast and Furious veteran

by Tom Hartig on April 19, 2023

The legendary action franchise "Fast and Furious" is about to move on to its concluding phase. Ahead of the release of "Fast X", it has now been revealed who will direct "Fast & Furious 11". As Variety reports, Louis Leterrier will once again be the director.

He already took over from director Justin Lin for "Fast and Furious 10", who left the project as a result of creative disagreements. The pressure for Leterrier was high, as this movie is supposed to be the start of the end of the story about Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family. The director already implied that Part 10 will end with a big cliffhanger. All the more fitting that he is now also taking over the grand finale "Fast & Furious 11" and hence it is likely that the entire project will seem as if it was made from one piece.

Leterrier doesn't skimp on using big words: In a statement to Empire Magazine, he said:

"There's a war brewing. [...] There will be some tremendous casualties. [...] You will feel all the feels. Tears will roll."

So fans can look forward to a gigantic finale that is sure to stir their emotions. We are excited to find out whether the movies will be able to deliver on this promise. For now, things will kick off with "Fast X" on May 19, 2023. A release date for part 11 has not been set yet.