Streaming services Netflix and Co. continue to reduce their bit rate

This is how customers are systematically tricked!

by Pierre Lorenz on April 20, 2020

Currently, due to the virus, all video streams of the common providers run with reduced bit rate. This also applies to the streaming giant Netflix, which has announced that its streams will be throttled for 30 days for the time being. This period has now already expired for

some time and will remain for the time being, as the company confirmed on request. Similarly, competitors Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ are also continuing to apply the measures. So what the major providers all have in common is that they currently require less bandwidth and therefore pay less. In short: the streaming providers save a lot of money in corona times.

While Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, for example, provide high quality content at no extra cost, Netflix charges significantly more for it. Even those who only want a normal HD resolution have to pay more, not to mention 4k.According to "", Netflix claims that the reduction in quality is only very slight and that it is only noticeable to people who value the highest possible video quality. In our own opinion, however, we are currently seeing a noticeably worse picture quite often - compared to the time before the restrictions. Especially for Netflix, the critical question is allowed, when the visible quality will be raised to the regular value again, especially for those customers who pay a surcharge for a higher resolution - and thus also for a higher quality.

Have you noticed the loss of quality? Which streaming services do you use and who do you think has the best quality at the moment? Please let us know in the comments!

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