"The Last of Us" Season 2: Kaitlyn Dever Cast for the Role of Abby

Dever and Naughty Dog have previously teamed up for "Uncharted 4"

by Jonas Reichel on January 10, 2024

It has now been confirmed that Kaitlyn Dever will play Elli's antagonist Abby in the second season of "The Last of Us".

There has long been speculation about Dever being cast in "The Last of Us". Among fans, the "Booksmart" actress was regarded as the big favorite for the role of Ellie - but it is well known that the part went to Bella Ramsey, who also gave an impressive performance.

There is still reason to be happy, however: as Naughty Dog announced via X, Dever has now been cast for the role of Abby. Abby is a central character from the 2020 sequel "The Last of Us: Part 2" and acts as Ellie's opponent. The character caused quite a stir due to her masculine appearance, as some fans accused Naughty Dog of wanting to forcibly change the traditional image of a woman.

Depending on how Abby is implemented in the series, Dever could also be faced with these criticisms - however, her casting was approved by a large part of the gaming community. We are particularly excited to see how the rather slender Dever will shape up for the role. She was last featured in the horror flick "No One Will Save You".

Other familiar faces are also joining the cast: Isabela Merced will play Ellie's friend Dina. Merced is also known from "Dora and the Golden City" and will soon be seen in the Spider-Man spin-off "Madame Web". "Beef" actor Young Mazino has also joined the cast of the second season. He will be playing the role of Jesse, one of Ellie's friends.

Filming on Season 2 of "The Last of Us" is set to begin this year, meaning that a release in early 2025 seems feasible. According to Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, Season 2 will be adapting Part 2 of the game, but not the entire storyline. Apparently, they still want to keep sufficient material on hand for a potential third season.

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