Hellraiser: This Is What The New Remake Of The Horror Classic Looks Like

The film will be available on Hulu as of October 7

by Pierre Lorenz on September 6, 2022

Released in 1987, the horror film "Hellraiser" quickly became a cult classic. To this day, the "Hellraiser" franchise continues to attract a large fan base, so it comes as no surprise that the upcoming remake is being eyed rather critically. This is partly due to the fact that the first horror flick has spawned nine additional movies, of which not all have met the taste of the fans. Now the remake is supposed to be released soon and there are some first impressions that do look quite promising. Among the snaps published by Entertainment Weekly is the new casting of the protagonist Pinhead, who will now be embodied by "Sense8" actress Jamie Clayton instead of Doug Bradley. This gives the character a fundamental makeover, which so far has gone down quite well. Indeed, the change of gender within the "Hellraiser" universe is no cause for complaint, as the cenobites created by novelist Clive Barker are actually genderless. In addition to the images, there is also already a first teaser, which, however, does not give away too much about the story.

Also part of the cast are "13 Reasons Why" star Brandon Flynn, "The Boys" actor Goran Visnjic, "Blade Runner 2049" actress Hiam Abbass and "Outer Banks" actor Drew Starkey. There is still barely any information about the exact plot, but there will probably be some alterations to the original. As the insider ViewerAnon announced on Twitter, the famous box of the first part is merely one of many puzzles to be solved. In addition, director David Bruckner has already indicated that we should not assume the remake will be identical in content. Do you know the original film series and if so, are you excited about the remake? In the US, it is set to be released exclusively on Hulu on October 7. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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