David Fincher Talks About "World War Z 2"

The director also hints at a reboot

by Tom Hartig on October 26, 2023

"World War Z 2" - directed by master director David Fincher: We bet that's music to your ears! As part of the press tour for his new movie "The Killer" on Netflix, Fincher now commented on the sequel to the zombie film.

The action horror starring Brad Pitt grossed a whopping 540 million dollars in 2013, but was hardly profitable due to the high costs. This made Fincher's planned sequel a risk and led to the project being called off for the time being. Fincher had big plans: The goal was to create a similarly multi-layered work like "The Last of Us" and in fact, according to the director, there would have been one or two parallels. Ultimately, he was glad that nothing came of the sequel, since the HBO series offered more basis for dealing with the topic.

But Fincher also hinted that "World War Z" could still go ahead: A major point of criticism of Part 1 was that the action film had taken many liberties in adapting Max Brook's extensive book, including a different ending. When asked if the intended sequel would have been a more faithful adaptation to the work, the director said, "No, no. But there is some talk of doing that."

Of course, that sounds like one thing above all: a "World War Z" remake or reboot. A reboot that invests less money in big action and focuses more on the social and political consequences of the zombie apocalypse. Maybe we can even expect an exciting "World War Z" series in the style of "The Last of Us"?

We are curious to see whether the talks about a new adaptation will bear fruit - ideally with David Fincher as producer and maybe even as director. We'll keep you up to date as always!

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