Madame Web: "Euphoria" star takes on role in Sony movie

The figure is the subject of speculation

by Pierre Lorenz on March 17, 2022

We've already known since last month that Dakota Johnson will play the lead role in Sony's "Madame Web" adaptation. Now we can already look forward to a new face, because 24-year-old Sydney Sweeney has joined the cast. So far, we know her from various smaller appearances as well as her role on the HBO hit show "Euphoria", where she plays the important character Cassie alongside co-star Zendaya since 2019. Who exactly she embodies in "Madame Web" is currently still the subject of speculation. One possibility would be the character Black Cat, a battle-hardened villain who makes the life difficult for the main character. She is also a master manipulator and made her first appearance in the Marvel comics in 1979. Also, the role of Silver Sable is a possibility, who comes across as a badass mercenary with long white hair. She's not a real superhero, but a virtuoso in the field of hand-to-hand combat, firearms and espionage, and even made an appearance in the 2018 PlayStation game Marvel's Spider-Man. Both theories seem plausible, but of course nothing is confirmed yet. In any case, we'll keep you posted on more news from Sony's "Madame Web". Unfortunately, a release date is not yet known.

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