Cobra Kai: Trailer and Season 5 Release Date Announced

The plot picks up seamlessly from Season 4

by Pierre Lorenz on May 9, 2022

When Netflix released the dramedy series "Cobra Kai" on the streaming service in 2018, surely nobody expected it to have such staying power. Fans can soon look forward to the fifth Season, as Netflix has released a brand new trailer. The plot is said to resume smoothly in Season 5, directly following the end of the fourth Season. There is plenty of potential for thrilling storylines, with events such as Daniel LaRusso and Chozen Toguchi teaming up against Silver. The latter is trying to expand the Cobra Kai dojo in the absence of John Kreese. In addition, there are Johnny Lawrence and Robby Keene, who both want to track down the missing Miguel Diaz. A large part of the plot is to be based in Mexico. Fortunately, the trailer also revealed the official release date for the fifth Season of "Cobra Kai", which is September 9, 2022. 

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