Godzilla vs. King Kong release

Start is postponed

by Pierre Lorenz on November 27, 2019

Godzilla and King Kong were supposed to meet on the big screen at the beginning of 2020, however, now Godzilla vs King Kong will shift back eight months. There isn't an official statement, but nevertheless the postponement shouldn't really surprise anyone, because after the so-called monster verse of Legendary Films and Warner Bros achieved quite decent box-office results in 2014 with Godzilla and 2017 with Kong: Skull Island, this year's Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters went much worse at the box office. So it's no wonder that they will now pay even more attention to Godzilla vs Kong not becoming a flop. Behind the scenes, there will probably be meticulous work on the post production, because if the film doesn't achieve the desired results, it's not unlikely that the Monsterverse project will be cancelled afterwards. There were first indications of a postponement last June, when Warner Chairman Toby Emmerich announced that a postponement was not unlikely. Also, the fact that there were neither pictures nor trailers so close to release strongly indicated a delay. The film will be directed by "You're next" director Adam Wingard, while Terry Rossio will be responsible for the script, just like in Roland Emmerich's Godzilla from 1998. The new release date for Godzilla vs Kong is November 20, 2020.

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