After failed deal with Sony

This is how Tom Holland convinced Disney-boss Bob Iger of Spiderman!

by Pierre Lorenz on December 11, 2019

The MCU would probably look different today if Spiderman actor Tom Holland hadn't drunkly convinced Disney boss Bob Iger in October to reconsider the deal between Sony and Marvel. At first it doesn't sound that credible, but Holland confirmed this in the Late Night talk show with Jimmy Kimmel. There he told that he wouldn't say it was all his achievement, yet with a wink he is convinced that he saved Spiderman. But first back to the beginning. The unbelievable story begins in August of this year, when the 23 year old Holland advertised the Pixar film Onward at the Disney fair D23. Not exactly his best day, he says, because around this time it became known that the negotiations between Disney and Sony regarding the future of Spiderman in the MCU have failed. At the fair, he spoke out in favour of the support of the fans who are supporting Spiderman, and then even got the e-mail address from Iger and contacted him afterwards. However, the topic was not about Spiderman, but about the opportunity to thank him for the last five years. Bob Iger also seemed to have responded quickly and called Holland shortly afterwards. As Holland tells it, at an inconvenient time for him, since Holland had already had three beers and was not quite as sober anymore. In the following telephone conversation, Holland even cried and convinced Iger so far that he was said to have said that there was a world in the negotiations with Sony

where you could do that. The rest is history, because shortly afterwards the turnaround happened and the deal was extended. To what extent Tom Holland actually contributed to this is of course questionable, but it could be that he was the tip of the iceberg for Spiderman's future in the MCU.

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