The John Wick Series The Continental is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Also there are more images of the main characters

by Jonas Reichel on July 26, 2023

Finally: The release date for "The Continental: From the World of John Wick" has been announced! That's not all, however: Further images of the series have also been revealed, further raising the fans' excitement.

In the course of the San Diego Comic Con 2023, the release date of the much anticipated John Wick series was revealed: "The Continental" is scheduled to premiere on September 22, 2023 on Peacock in the United States. Due to the currently ongoing writers' and actors' strike, the on-site panel was sadly rather sparsely attended. Nevertheless, director and producer Albert Hughes, and others, presented exclusive shots to the fans gathered at the event.

After the first teaser trailer some time ago, the new images of the cast make us eager for more: For example, we see the young Winston - played by Colin Woodell - standing in an elevator, presumably in the eponymous hotel. We likewise get a first impression of Mel Gibson, who will play a New York gangster boss and the current manager of the Continental named Cormac. His intimidating appearance suggests that he is unlikely to hand over the Continental to Winston unopposed. Mishel Prada will embody a female police officer from the NYPD. She, too, seems to be in the Continental. This could indicate that much of the action will take place inside the hotel. Also, we get to see a first look at Ayomide Adegun as a young version of Charon, a faithful sidekick to Cormac. The brother and sister duo Lou and Miles - played by Jessica Allain and Hubert Point-Du Jour - will also be involved and will create some buzz.

We can hardly wait to delve back into the world of John Wick. The series acts as a prequel and will tell us the gory story of young Winston and his rise to become the manager of the Continental - which, in the later John Wick movies, is the ultimate haven for hitmen. The release of "The Continental" on September 22 is definitely highlighted in our calendars.

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