Captain Marvel sets a new box office record

The new MCU movie overtakes DC's "Wonder Woman" with ease

by Robin Klaiber on March 14, 2019

The superhero film Captain Marvel set a new record at the box office. With Brie Larson in the leading role, this is even the most successful start of a film with a female cast of all times, as in the first few days 455 million US dollars were earned. Even compared to DC's Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel is miles ahead. Now of course it' s time for Marvel to look ahead, and after the sensational result it's not too surprising that there are speculations about a second part of the blockbuster in the room. And although nothing has been officially announced yet, Marvel Boss Kevin Feige leaves no doubt that there will be a sequel. According to him Captain Marvel, will continue to be the most powerful heroine in the MCU in the future. So the second part could play after Captain Marvel, but before the popular Avengers Endgame. Everything else you can leave in good faith in the hands of Marvel, after all the Marvel team knows very well how they can amaze and surprise their fans each time. Nevertheless, before we talk about a second part, we should wait until April 25th, when Avengers Endgame starts in German cinemas.

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