Return to Silent Hill: In Addition to a New PlayStation Game, a Movie Sequel Will Also Be Released

The director of the first movie joins the team once again

by Pierre Lorenz on October 25, 2022

It has now been 16 years since the first of two film adaptations of the popular horror franchise "Silent Hill" came out. Released in 2006, the movie revolves around the main character Rose, who has to deal with the terminal illness of her daughter Sharon. She sees a faith healer as the last resort for her child's recovery. However, things don't go as planned and so she ends up in the mysterious small town of Silent Hill. She has no choice but to realize that her daughter has disappeared off the face of the earth. The town is home to all sorts of horrible monsters, while there is also a weird cult that is up to no good. Later, it turns out that Rose and Sharon are trapped in a nightmarish alternate world from which there seems to be no way out. 

Along with the movie and its sequel "Silent Hill: Revelation", there are over a dozen video games, some of which now enjoy cult status. Especially the memorable creatures have stuck in one's mind, including for example the disturbing Pyramid Head, which was first introduced in "Silent Hill 2" in 2001, or the Twin Victims from "Silent Hill 4".

French director Christophe Gans is back for the third movie installment, which is appropriately titled "Return to Silent Hill". The script is already complete, and the movie will focus on the events of the game "Silent Hill 2". In a livestream, Gans disclosed a few details: The main character will be a young man returning to the mysterious town in which he met the love of his life. But what he finds instead of a cosy atmosphere is to be an utter nightmare. As an audience, you can look forward to old and new monsters, and the appearance of the brutal Pyramid Head is deemed probable as well. 

Meanwhile, video game fans will have plenty of new games to get excited about, including "Silent Hill: Townfall", the prequel "Silent Hill f", and a remake of "Silent Hill 2", which is widely regarded as one of the best in the franchise. So, we are eagerly awaiting more news about the upcoming "Return to Silent Hill" movie. By the way, even before that you can look forward to the series "Silent Hill: Ascension", which will be released as an interactive format next year. As for the movie, there is no set release date yet. 

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