M3GAN vs. Annabelle: How Would a Clash Between the Two Play Out?

James Wan, Jason Blum, Gerard Johnstone and Allison Williams provide the answers

by Pierre Lorenz on January 4, 2023

Gerard Johnstone's horror film "M3GAN" hits theaters on January 6. The content is about a killer doll developed by scientist Gemma with artificial intelligence in order to help her niece. The latter has only recently become an orphan and is supposed to form an emotional bond with the doll. Needless to say, the idea backfires and M3GAN develops far too strong of a protective instinct towards her protégé, which eventually results in deaths.

In late December, Entertainment Weekly wondered what a clash between M3GAN and another creepy doll could look like. The talk is of Annabelle, who first appeared in director James Wan's 2013 horror film "The Conjuring". Wan, Jason Blum, Gerard Johnstone and Allison Williams, who stars in "M3GAN", provide the answers. Both Williams and Wan wouldn't bet against M3GAN because, as an artificial intelligence, it likely has some aces up its sleeve. Director Gerard Johnstone, on the other hand, would rather put his money on Annabelle, since she is a demon, which also matches the opinion of horror producer Jason Blum.

Another obvious battle is much easier to predict: M3GAN vs. Chucky. The murder doll Chucky from the cult franchise probably wouldn't stand a chance against M3GAN, Blum emphasized in conclusion. Obviously, M3GAN should not be underestimated and we are eager to find out how the finished movie will be received by the audience.

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