Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Paramount Announces Official Release Date

There will be a live action series about Knuckles as well

by Pierre Lorenz on August 9, 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog has won the hearts of fans with two movies so far. That there will be at least a third one has been confirmed for several months, and now we also know when it will hit theaters. The release has been set for December 20, 2024 by Paramount Pictures. So far, details about the content are still being kept under wraps by both the film studio and Sega. However, it can be assumed that the hero trio around Sonic, Knuckles and Tails will have to deal with even greater threats than Doctor Robotnik. 

At the same time, work is being done on a series revolving around Knuckles, which is to be released on Paramount+ in the course of the coming year. There have already been words of praise from director Jeff Fowler, who expressed his belief that Knuckles will definitely thrill fans. He added that there are also countless possibilities for how to approach the character and the series, making him excited to finally introduce the series to viewers. Just as in "Sonic the Hedgehog 2", Knuckles will be voiced by Idris Elba.

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