Barbie: Production on the Live-action Movie Continues to Progress

The role of Ken is to be assumed by Ryan Gosling

by Pierre Lorenz on October 27, 2021

The Barbie doll from the US company Mattel is probably one of the best-known toys in the world. No wonder then that various movie studios have tried their luck at several adaptations in the past. For almost two years now, a live-action adaptation with Margot Robbie has been under consideration, after many of those responsible had previously abandoned the project. In addition to Robbie, another big Hollywood star could soon announce his involvement, and that is none other than "Blade Runner 2049" actor Ryan Gosling. If Deadline is to be believed, Warner Bros. and their favorite Gosling are already in the final stages of contract negotiations for the role of Ken. Many film fans are naturally wondering what exactly the plot of such a film adaptation could consist of, after all, Barbie is first and foremost a toy and not a movie franchise. The main character will certainly not appear as a dumb blonde, like Barbie has often been made out to be in the past. First of all, such an image is not contemporary, and second, Greta Gerwig, a woman who is not known for indulging in role clichés, will assume the director's role. Either way, Warner Bros. seems to see great potential in the project, as evidenced not least by the signing of top stars Gosling and Robbie. Whether the story will live up to the great effort remains to be seen, yet a little skepticism is certainly not unreasonable. Filming on "Barbie" is scheduled to start next spring.

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