God of War: Amazon Gives the Green Light for Series

The PlayStation 5 sequel came out just last month

by Pierre Lorenz on December 15, 2022

Amazon managed to acquire a number of video game adaptations lately. In addition to "Life is Strange", "Fallout", "Mass Effect", "Gears of War" and "Disco Elysium", the popular "God of War" franchise will also get a series. Production on the series has been underway since March and has now been given the go-ahead by the responsible parties. The series will not be based on the old video games, but on the two latest PlayStation hits.

The plot of the new games from developer Santa Monica Studios is set in the Norse mythological world and no longer exclusively in the Greek one, as in the previous games. The story is about the God of War, Kratos, who, after the death of his wife, sets out with his son Atreus to cope with the loss and spread her ashes as requested. On their adventure, the two first emotionally distant characters have to face many friends and enemies, which they meet on their long way through several Nordic worlds.

Showrunner of the "God of War" series will be Rafe Judkins, who was already responsible for "The Wheel of Time" in the same position. There is still no reliable information about the cast, but many would like to see Christopher Judge in the role, since he already dubbed the character in the last two parts. In theory, however, there is a whole range of candidates for the heavily muscled character, with Dave Bautista, for example, frequently being mentioned as a fan favorite.

Sadly, there is also no information on a detailed plot or release date yet, but now that the series has officially been given the green light, there ought to be new details soon.

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