“Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight”: Netflix releases new series with Jack Black

So far there are three feature films and two series

by Pierre Lorenz on March 17, 2022

To coincide with National Panda Day, DreamWorks and Netflix announced last Wednesday the production of a new "Kung Fu Panda" series. The project, titled "The Dragon Knight", was directly teased with new images. It was also announced that actor Jack Black will once again dub the popular panda Po. The content is of course once again about said Po, who has to leave his home in search of justice and meets an English knight named "Wandering Blade" on his journey. The two eventually travel on together to save the world from destructive power of four magical weapons. Unfortunately, there is no exact date yet, though Black revealed that it should be as early as this July. We'll keep you posted on further news in any case.

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