Avatar 2: Impressive New Images Released

To see is a new water creature

by Pierre Lorenz on December 16, 2021

Only recently, "Avatar" producer Jon Landau published a new set photo of James Cameron and Sam Worthington, and now there is some new material again. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director and creator James Cameron asked himself the question whether it was still possible to earn money with such an elaborate production. In fact, the shooting is a very unique challenge, which is not least due to Cameron's perfectionist streak. Accordingly, the 67-year-old is a firm opponent of "Dry For Wet" filming, which more or less only gives the impression of an underwater shot, despite the scenes being shot in the dry. Instead, the decision was made to actually shoot underwater scenes… well, underwater. This was often very demanding for the participating actors. For example, a four-million-liter water tank was purchased for the filming, in which the actors occasionally had to hold their breath for minutes during the scenes. Meanwhile, newcomer Kate Winslet amazed the team not only with her acting skills, but above all with her underwater record: As Cameron confirmed, she holds the set record with seven and a half minutes of holding her breath. 

No less exciting are the pictures that were published in the course of this. In addition to behind-the-scenes impressions, we also get to see a concept art of the underwater people of the Metkayina as well as a new type of water creature with a long neck, which apparently serves as a mount for the Na'vi. All in all, an exciting insight from behind the scenes that definitely makes us want to see even more. "Avatar 2" will be released in nearly one year on December 16, 2022. 

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