Back to the OASIS: "Ready Player Two" is in the works

Steven Spielberg will be involved as a producer

by Jonas Reichel on March 13, 2024

A new adventure in the OASIS is in development: six years after the extremely successful adaptation of "Ready Player One", there now seems to be a lot happening regarding the sequel.

Following this year's Academy Awards, Steven Spielberg was asked by Showbiz 411 about his upcoming projects. Although Spielberg is still undecided about which film he will direct next, he confirmed that he is involved as a producer in the sequel "Ready Player Two".

Initial information suggests that the film's story is based on the novel of the same name, which was published by author Ernest Cline in 2020. The story of "Ready Player Two" continues the events of the first book and once again takes readers into the fascinating world of the OASIS, a virtual universe filled with adventure and danger. Like "Ready Player One", the second novel is packed with pop culture references that provide plenty of potential for another film adaptation.

In spite of this exciting news, many questions remain unanswered: for example, whether the original cast will return and who will be directing this time. However, further information should not be too long in coming.

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