New DC bad guy on "New Gods"?

The powerful Darkseid has these abilities

by Pierre Lorenz on August 2, 2019

Among the upcoming DC superhero movies will be the action spectacle "New Gods". The

special thing about it is that we will finally see one of the biggest villains of the DC universe,

Darkseid. There seems in general to be a lot going on in the DC Universe at the moment,

because the fact that the films no longer have so much to do with each other opens up

completely new possibilities. This is also the case with the upcoming "Joker" movie, which

features a whole new perspective on the world-famous villain. On the other hand, new films

with new heroes, like "New Gods", are also conceived. The powerful villian Darkseid was

created by Jack Kirby and even appeared for a short time in a dream of Bruce Wayne in

"Batman V Superman". He was also supposed to appear in Justice League, but was eventually

cut out.

But now in "New Gods" his time has finally come, and also other villains like the female Furies

were confirmed by director Ava DuVernay. Since the world of "New Gods" is extremely huge,

many superheroes and opponents will surely join the cast. A release date or a shooting start

date are unfortunately unknown.

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