Stranger Things: New Clip for Season 4 Made Public

The clip gives us a first glimpse of an unspecified house

by Pierre Lorenz on September 25, 2021

As part of the Netflix event Tudum, last weekend, there was news about the long-running hit "Stranger Things". The franchise, which is about to enter its fourth season, surprised fans with a new video clip, which is quite impressive. You can see a seemingly normal house, in which a family of the 1950s moves in. However, the so-called Creel house hardly grants the new residents one peaceful moment. You don't need to be a ghost hunter to notice that something isn't right there. Next, we see scenes that could have been taken from a "Conjuring" part, as the father seems to have done something terrible. Following a cut, we see the same house, only a few years later. In the meantime, it has become an eerie ruin and we can see some familiar characters from the series taking a closer look at the interior of the property. Finally, we see an ominous-looking grandfather clock and an increasingly gloomy environment that is strongly reminiscent of the shadow world of "Stranger Things". Although there is nothing more to be seen in the short clip, we assume that the house will play a crucial role in the upcoming fourth season. A more detailed plot is sadly not yet known either, but we do expect David Harbour to return as Hopper, after he was more or less considered gone at the end of the last season. Until next year, we will have to remain patient, as a more precise date has not yet been set for the fourth season, which will comprise a total of nine episodes.

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