Wallys Wonderland: Crazy new project by Nicolas Cage

The script of Parsons even appears on the "Bloodlist

by Pierre Lorenz on October 31, 2019

Since the beginning of his career, Nicolas Cage has been known for crazy and slightly wacky projects. His most famous feature is probably exaggerated overacting, like in Vampires Kiss or Mandy. Now his next project, Wallys Wonderland, is just around the corner. Here Cage is supposed to play the caretaker of the amusement park of the same name, but - who would have thought it - sooner or later he of course discovers a dark secret that the park is hiding. To be more precise, the rides are supposed to come to life at night and try to satisfy their desire for blood. As a result, the caretaker has to kill one creature after the other by dawn to leave the grounds alive.

What stands out most so far is the great praise that the script has received so far. The author is G. O. Parsons, who was only seen in small film roles until now. But his script is supposed to be so good that it is on the so-called Blood List, on which the best newcomer horror scripts of the year appear. Other Bloodlist movies include Bird Box and Eli.

The choice of director Kevin Lewis, who only staged a few trashy B-movies many years ago, seems less impressive. He describes the upcoming film as a mixture of Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider and the 80s film Space Invaders.

A release date for Wally's Wonderland has not yet been set.

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