New Reboot of one of the most popular family movies is planned

This changes in contrast to its predecessor

by Pierre Lorenz on May 15, 2019

One of the most popular family comedies of the late 80s will get a reboot, which will be

"Honey, I shrunk the kids".

For those of you who belong to Generation Y rather than Generation X, here's a little

summary. The kinky scientist Wayne Szalinski has accidentally shrunk his two children Amy

and Nick as well as some children from the neighbourhood. From now on they have to find

their way in a world that is full of dangers like suddenly oversized insects. The only downside

of this family comedy is that the special effects are no longer up to date.

That's another reason why Disney thought it wasn't a bad idea to produce a reboot of the


The story of the new strip is supposed to be set in the same universe as its original

predecessor and the two sequels, but this time it's not Wayne, but Nick Szalinski, his now

grown-up son, who's the cause of the disaster. He is supposed to be impersonated by Josh

Gad, who last worked in beauty and the beast as well as Frozen. By the way, everyone who

suspects another exclusive Disney+ movie can relax, because that's probably not the case. In

fact, Shrunk is supposed to be a movie

However, the release date will probably not be before 2020.

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