New streaming service IMDB TV

This is what the free IMDB TV has to offer

by Pierre Lorenz on June 20, 2019

Already since January the streaming service IMDB TV exists in the USA, which is completely

financed by advertising and therefore also free of charge.

It is seamlessly integrated into the streaming services, which are launched almost daily, and

which Netflix and co have had to deal with in recent months.

IMDBs platform has in the USA at present 500 feature films and approximately 275 series in

the free offer. This means that, depending on the film you choose, five to twelve non-

skipable advertising blocks appear.

And even if IMDB TV cannot keep up with Amazon Prime Video or Netflix in terms of

numbers, they still have some classics such as Memento, Platoon and Terminator on offer.

When exactly IMDB TV will be released in Europe is not known yet, nor is it currently known

how the European offer will differ from the US offer.

Image of Die Tribute von Panem Prequel, Avengers: Endgame Re-Release, The King's Man