Rumor: "Fast and Furious 11" to be the Final Part of the Series After All

The information comes from Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider

by Jonas Reichel on January 16, 2024

There's an end in sight: according to Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, "Fast and Furious 11" will be the last installment in the action series. The film will also come with some changes, including budget cuts and a potential recasting of the antagonist.

The "Fast & Furious" series was once one of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. However, the franchise suffered a financial setback with "Fast X", which prompted those responsible at Universal Pictures to reconsider their approach. Despite a reasonable worldwide box office result of 704 million dollars, part 10 continued the negative trend and even fell short of the earnings of its predecessor "Fast and Furious 9". According to Variety, Universal was still able to make a profit - but in view of the production costs of over 340 million dollars, this is likely to have been a small one. Universal is now apparently planning to take drastic measures to come out of the situation with a positive result.

Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider reported that the budget for "Fast and Furious 11" is to be significantly cut - this time the limit will be 200 million dollars. Although this is still a considerable sum, it is nonetheless a significant reduction compared to its predecessor.

But there will also be some changes in terms of content: "Fast & Furious 11" is allegedly planning a return to the origins of the series. Instead of global missions, the focus is now on one last big heist - we might even be able to look forward to the good old quarter-mile races again.

As things stand at the moment, it can be assumed that the cast of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Jason Statham will return. However, Universal seems to be considering dropping Jason Momoa from the film and introducing a completely new villain. Momoa, meanwhile, could meet Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs in an already confirmed spin-off project - the two seem to have unfinished business anyway.

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