New avatar Netflix series in progress

Netflix works closely with the original producers

by Pierre Lorenz on December 30, 2019

All over the world, the adventures of Aang and his friends are known and loved. Of course we are talking about the anime series Avatar. Last year, Netflix announced that they wanted to release a specially produced series about it, not in a comic- but in a live-action format. After a long time without any news about the current development, Comic Book published an article a few days ago about a podcast with dubbing actress Jessie Flower, who dubbed in the English original Aangs girlfriend Toph Beifong. Shortly before the end of the recording, she revealed that the filming will start in early 2020. This surprised many fans, because there is no information about the cast of the series yet. What is clear is that Netflix will work closely with the people who were already involved in the production of the original series. It remains to be seen who will eventually take on the roles of the Live Action Remake - a release date is unfortunately not yet known.

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