The Batman: Warner Bros. Reveals Catwoman, Alfred and Other Characters for the First Time

The video is the 2nd trailer after the DC FanDome 2020

by Pierre Lorenz on August 25, 2021

After a very long "cinema-free" period, Cinemacon in Las Vegas is at last a glimmer of hope again for movie fans around the globe. Of course, among the top-class films that will be released in the coming year, one cannot be missing: "The Batman". Matt Reeves' standalone film has been causing commotion since its very early announcement in 2015, initially mostly negative. Many fans were bothered by Robert Pattinson's signing for the leading role, but in the meantime the hype has grown bigger than ever. In order to keep the fans' spirits up, Warner Bros. released what is now the second trailer for the DC spectacle. Besides scenes from the movie, Behind The Scenes footage was also shown in Las Vegas as well. Gotham City seems to sink into chaos in the trailer, while dramatic music plays in the background. Pattinson himself comments that the Batman we will see in the finished film will be radically different from the previous cinematic characters. Reeves also adds that it will be an emotional movie based on the "Batman: Year One" comic book by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Moreover, there are fight scenes between Batman and Catwoman in the trailer, which have a very personal touch. Also, Andy Serkis can be seen in his role as Alfred, of course in proper style with a vest and white hair. Eventually, the trailer ends with a Batmobile revving up its engine and a few parting words from director Matt Reeves. We can't wait to see the trailer with our own eyes and look forward to the release of the DC blockbuster on March 4, 2022.

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