New Role for Keanu Reeves: Netflix Hires the 56-Year-Old for Two Projects at Once

In addition to the comic adaptation of "BRZRKR", there will also be a spin-off

by Pierre Lorenz on March 24, 2021

We haven't even seen Keanu Reeves in the long-awaited "Matrix" sequel and "John Wick 4 & 5" so far, and yet the much sought-after actor has already been signed up for two more projects. We're talking about the comic adaptation "BRZRKR", in which he will not only play the leading actor and producer, but also the writer. Together with comic author Matt Kindt, Reeves conceived the storyline and published it as a comic for the first time earlier this month. The ominous title of the work is a spelling of the word "berserker", just like the main character of the story who bears the same name, or rather the nickname "B". B is an immortal warrior who is condemned to fight his way through the world's entire history for all eternity. He has been doing this for almost 80,000 years, which gets quite exhausting in the long run obviously. However, a time of redemption seems to be in sight when the US government hires the warrior to win battles for them that are too risky for others. The price: they have to find out everything about his mysterious existence and provide him with the answer on how to end it all after so many years. Definitely sounds like a whole lot of fun and havoc, however, there is also a second project planned for "BRZRKR", and that is an anime series of the same name. This is supposed to offer a different take on the comic's universe and possibly even establish a whole new main character. Unfortunately, there is no information about a release date for the two Netflix projects, but Keanu Reeves should have enough to do with "John Wick Chapter 4 & 5" for the time being anyway. 

Image of John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR, Black Adam, The Flash