Director Yann Demange Leaves the Production of "Blade"

The film's future is on shaky ground

by Jonas Reichel on June 14, 2024

The production of "Blade" is an unparalleled tale of woe: revised scripts, several postponements and then the departure of the first director. It felt as though everything bad that could have happened actually took place. With the involvement of Yann Demange, the project seemed to be heading in the right direction again, but now comes the next rock bottom: Demange will no longer be working as director.

This means that the new adaptation of "Blade" is once again left without a director. According to The Wrap, as was the case with Bassam Tariq, the director's creative views did not fully coincide with Marvel's ideas. Nevertheless, it seems that they parted on amicable terms.

The future of the blockbuster remains open. According to insiders, Marvel still intends to make sure the film is of high quality instead of releasing it quickly. In any case, the director's position has to be filled first. As things currently stand, "Blade" is scheduled for release on November 7, 2025. Whether it will stay that way is doubtful. However, lead actor Mahershala Ali is still part of the project.