"Alita: Battle Angel 2": There is News about the Planned Sequel

Producer Jon Landau seems to have great interest in "Alita 2"

by Pierre Lorenz on December 8, 2022

When "Alita: Battle Angel" was released in 2019, the movie was able to thrill countless fans. However, a sequel was not set in stone. So it did come as a surprise what producer Jon Landau had to announce in the course of a Deadline interview: According to Landau, who was in charge of production for both the upcoming "Avatar: The Way of Water" and "Alita: Battle Angel", he would be very pleased to produce a sequel. He has already spoken with director Robert Rodriguez about it.

Landau hopes to see his words turn into action in the near future. Nevertheless, he refused to give the whole thing a concrete timestamp, as this could be used against him. So it doesn't sound like a hundred percent confirmation of the sequel, but fans can still be optimistic. It should be interesting to see how high the production costs will be this time. After all, the original film cost nearly 200 million US dollars and only grossed twice as much at the box office, which is not all that much in comparison. In return, however, they have created a fan favorite that could easily be built upon, as the mangas certainly provide plenty of material. Stay tuned for more news on "Alita: Battle Angel 2"!

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