Teaser Trailer and Release Date of the Fallout Series Revealed at Gamescom

The popular game franchise comprises numerous main parts and spin-offs

by Jonas Reichel on August 24, 2023

At last, there are new details about the Fallout series! A teaser trailer and an approximate release date for the live-action adaptation of the popular game series were revealed at Gamescom. The series is set to kick off soon on Amazon Prime Video.

"Fallout" is a real evergreen in video game history: Many games of the post-apocalyptic role-playing series have been released since 1997 and are very popular to this day. As early as July 2020, a series adaptation was announced by Amazon via Deadline and put fans in great anticipation. Now, the first information and an approximate release date for the series adaptation have finally been made public at the Gamescom event that is currently taking place in Germany.

"Fallout" will be available on Amazon Prime Video as soon as next year in 2024. As already announced in 2020, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan and his wife Lisa Joy will be in charge of the series. Jonathan Nolan already wrote the scripts for "Interstellar" and "Westworld" and will also work as a writer for the "Fallout" series. The two will also produce the series as well as direct the first episodes. The cast includes Moises Arias, Johnny Pemberton, Aixa Kendrick and "The Hateful Eight" star Walton Goggins.

Moreover, the studio presented first glimpses in the form of a teaser trailer, which, however, was exclusively shown to the visitors of the exhibition. Up to now, there is only one description of the trailer: First, there is footage of the so-called Brotherhood of Steel. This is followed by a firefight in which the Brotherhood is involved. You can also see a woman leaving her Vault for the first time and discovering the post-apocalyptic world. Vault is the name given to the numerous bunkers where people sought shelter from World War III.

Amazon Prime also published a first artwork of the series on Twitter, which shows us the well-known Vault Boy in the setting of Los Angeles. The Vault Boy wears the typical blue suit of the Vault inhabitants - a 33 can be seen on his chest. This suggests that the series will focus on the survivors of Vault 33 and that the action will take place in and around LA.

The "Fallout" video games tell of a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war in the year 2077. The players explore the radioactively contaminated earth and have to deal with the likes of mutants, scavengers and strange sects. Besides a decent amount of humor, the style of the American 1950s is a signature feature of the series. We are excited to see if the special atmosphere of the games will carry over to the series.

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