"Avengers: Endgame" most successful film ever. This is what "Avatar" creator James Cameron says about it

The director says he is quite reassured about this

by Pierre Lorenz on September 12, 2019

With Avatar and Titanic, director James Cameron held the record for the most successful film of all time for over 21 years. But in 2019 he was pushed from the throne by Avengers Endgame. Cameron isn't angry or frustrated at all, the opposite is the case. In a conversation with Deadline, Cameron announced that he was even relieved about the sensational success of Endgame, because that was exactly what brought new opportunities, not only for the four planned Avatar movies by Cameron, but even for the cinema in general. Already months ago we reported about the mega project of Cameron to produce Avatar 2 and 3 and afterwards maybe 4 and 5. According to him, the success of Endgame has even reassured Cameron, as it means that people are still going to the movies and that his years of work on the Avatar films were not in vain.Cameron could also imagine working for a streaming service at some point, with the advantages of the series format that cannot be denied. He can also sit back regarding his two films Avatar and Titanic in the rankings, as inflation adjusted and minus the strongly increased ticket prices the two films would still appear in the list before Avenger's endgame.

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