Aquaman 2: Fans Demand Expulsion of Actress Amber Heard

Producer Peter Safran promptly expressed his view

by Pierre Lorenz on August 5, 2021

It should not have escaped anyone's notice that the legal matter between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still being fought with no holds barred. After Johnny Depp has so far struggled against devastating financial losses and defamation on a grand scale, a new campaign against his ex-wife is now getting underway. In recent days and weeks, calls for Heard to be fired from the "Aquaman" sequel have been accumulating. Producer Peter Safran, however, does not give in to the demands of the fans and stands up for the 35-year-old. He made it clear that there is no need to respond to such demands and certainly not to defer to the wishes of Johnny Depp fans. The situation is different for their idol. After all, the marital feud cost the 58-year-old his long-term planned engagement in "Fantastic Beasts". In spite of this, Depp was able to win a small victory in this war, as Amber Heard wanted to donate the seven million US dollars she received after the divorce, but presumably did not do so. A recipient of the money, a children's hospital in Los Angeles, must now disclose whether it actually received the donation from Heard that was agreed upon in advance. Thus, it remains unclear which of the two is closer to the truth and who will ultimately emerge as the "winner", if there is such a thing at all. However, one point is already certain: Johnny Depp's career on the big screen has definitely seen better days.

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