New "Paranormal Activity" movie announced

These two film studios join forces for the production

by Pierre Lorenz on June 20, 2019

A few days ago the magazine Deadline surprisingly announced that another offshoot of the

Paranormal Activity series is planned. The seventh part of the series will be produced in

cooperation with Blumhouse and Paramount.

The Pseudo Found Footage series is best known for the fact that the protagonists are

haunted by evil spirits in front of the camera. The first part of the series with a budget of just

15,000 US dollars, brought in no less than 193.4 million US dollars worldwide. However, the

more the series progressed, the less successful it became. The last part to date, Paranormal

Acticity The Ghost Dimension, had a budget of 10 million US dollars and earned only 80

million US dollars.

Whether the new part will be a reboot or a sequel is not known yet, nor is a release date.

We'll keep you informed about this in any case.

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