Venom 3: Sony Confirms New Blockbuster at CinemaCon

A new "Ghostbusters" sequel is also in the making

by Pierre Lorenz on April 26, 2022

Eddie Brock aka Venom is without question one of the most popular Marvel anti-heroes ever. Following two financially successful parts from 2018 and 2021, it is now time to make it a trilogy. This was confirmed by Sony at the recent CinemaCon along with many other matters. This is not really surprising, after all, there have been several hints of further appearances by Venom in the past. For one, there's the mid-credits scene of "Spider-Man: No Way Home", where Eddie can be seen together with his symbiote at the bar in a more tropical setting. Although Doctor Strange's spell sends them both back to their original universe, a small part of the symbiote remains in Peter Parker's world. Similarly, there is a scene at the end of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" that features Peter Parker, which is another clue to a crossover involving the two characters. 

That said, Sony had more to announce: So there was news about another "Ghostbusters" movie. As you can see in the post-credits scene of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife", Winston visits the old familiar "Ghostbusters" headquarters in New York City. There, he is alerted to the presence of a ghost by a flashing red light. Thus one knew already with the theatrical release of the film in the past year that there are still more adventures waiting for the young squad. There is not enough information about the now officially announced movie, but we strongly expect that "Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2" will be a direct successor to the first part. As with "Venom 3", a release date is not yet in sight.

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