Wednesday: Netflix Hit Gets Second Season

There is already a first teaser

by Pierre Lorenz on January 9, 2023

The Netflix series "Wednesday" is without question one of the streaming service's major hits. Still, it took a comparatively long time before they officially mentioned a sequel to the horror comedy. In a press release, Netflix provided the information that the series has been streamed 1.2 billion hours thus far, which makes it the third most successful Netflix series overall. Considering the numbers, it was thus long overdue to commission a sequel.

Shortly after the press release and the release of a first teaser, there were already rumors regarding the plot of the second season around the teenager Wednesday Addams and her supernatural powers. Morticia Addams, who is the matriarch of the Addams family, is expected to play a bigger role in the second season. According to the rumor, Morticia will assume the position of principal at Nevermore Academy, which would include another part of the family of seven in the series. The end of the first season certainly leaves plenty of plot for the sequel.

However, there were also negative reports about the working conditions behind the scenes. After the release, leading actress Jenna Ortega was critical of the external circumstances of the production. She was constantly confused as to how to proceed with her character. In addition, it is said to have been very exhausting to put herself in the role of Wednesday Addams every time, both externally and internally. Moreover, she was suffering from severe symptoms of illness in front of the camera, which is probably why Ortega was one of the reasons that those responsible were only able to announce the second season now.

We are at least excited to find out whether "Wednesday Season 2" can impress once again. A release date is not available yet.

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