Horizon Zero Dawn: Netflix Plans Series Adaptation

The story revolves around giant robot dinosaurs

by Pierre Lorenz on May 29, 2022

PlayStation fans will hardly have failed to notice the release of "Horizon Forbidden West" earlier this year. The sequel to "Horizon Zero Dawn", which was released in 2017, met just about all of the fans' expectations. The story of both games takes place about 1000 years in the future and deals with the past downfall of human civilization as we know it. Those who are still alive join together in comparatively small tribes to stand their ground against the enemy. The foe consists of gigantic machinery that has largely wiped out mankind and is very reminiscent of prehistoric dinosaurs. The plot centers around young Aloy, who not only has to deal with the machines, but also resolve old enmities between the tribes. Apart from the storyline around Aloy's personal history, the huge and jaw-dropping world stands out in both video games. 

As Comicbook.com reports, Netflix recently secured the rights for a series adaptation. However, it is still unclear in what direction the series will go, in other words, whether it will be strongly based on the original game or whether it will pursue a completely different approach in the existing world. In terms of game adaptations, it won't stop at a "Horizon Zero Dawn" series, because a "Gran Turismo" movie is also in the works. Sony announced this at its recent 2022 Business Segment Briefings. At the present time, it seems to be the heyday of video game adaptations anyway, as we can still look forward to "The Last of Us", "Twisted Metal" and the recently announced "God of War" series by Amazon as well as the movie adaption for "Ghost of Tsushima". That's plenty of content for the TV screen, in our opinion. 

Which adaptation are you most excited for, and can you think of any other movie and series adaptations of games that haven't been announced yet? Feel welcome to let us know in the comments!

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