Fury on set: Tom Cruise loses his temper towards staff

The cause seems to have been a violation of security restrictions

by Pierre Lorenz on December 15, 2020

In addition to his membership in the Scientology cult, Tom Cruise can be accused of many things, but on set, he is always very friendly and professional towards fellow employees. However, there has now been a scandal during the set of "Mission: Impossible 7". Production has recently started again after the significant increase of difficulties on set due to the pandemic. Cruise threw a loud and lenghty tantrum right after two employees had had a conversation without sticking to the required minimum distance on the London set. He did some frank talking that we leave out for the sake of advertiser-friendly content, but this much we can say: he went so far as to threaten several times to immediately fire those affected the next time they break social-distancing rules. He claimed that they could not afford to take another break in filming, since there are thousands of jobs depending on Hollywood production. His upset is totally understandable, because in addition to the already tense situation in the entire industry, part 8 of "Mission: Impossible" is going to begin production immediately after the ongoing production of part 7. Further, a novelty with Cruise, namely a movie that takes place in space, is in the works. The space travel, which is planned for October 2021, cannot be postponed due to the tight schedule. Another discontinuation of the filming activities could thus quite possibly mean an organizational disaster. According to an insider, Cruise has been paying close attention to the compliance with regulations since the resumption of filming, and apparently he has even been doing his own safety inspection tours. Anyhow, a large majority of the online community supports Tom Cruise and his clear statement. The release of "Mission: Impossible 7" is expected to be on November 18, 2021.

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