Babylon: First Photos of Top-Class Period Film Released

Featuring Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire

by Pierre Lorenz on September 8, 2022

Paramount's historical drama "Babylon" is scheduled for release in the near future. The film, which lasts over three hours, is set between the years 1925 and 1952 and thus covers several decades of storylines. The focus is on the movie business in Hollywood over the course of time. Hence, the important transition from silent films to talkies will also play a significant role. 

The first-person narrator as well as the main character is the young Manny Torres, a son of Mexican immigrants, who attempts to make it big. In the course of the film he meets a film icon of the time, namely Hollywood prodigy and producer Irving Thalberg. Especially lots of excessive parties will run like a common thread through the film, as you can already see from some of the pictures. These were published exclusively by Vanity Fair as part of an interview with director Damien Chazelle and show the top stars in their roles for the first time. 

The chemistry between Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie should be particularly interesting; we already got a taste of it in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". The two embody actors who are at different points in their careers and, according to Chazelle, also contribute a little of their personal biography to the role. Pitt's character Jack Conrad is an actor all about "Work Hard, Play Hard" and at the absolute peak of his fame. He looks back and wonders where the journey will take him. Robbie, in contrast, plays an aspiring actress named Nellie LaRoy, who is meant to be reminiscent of real-life actresses Clara Brown, Jeanne Eagels, Joan Crawford and Alma Rubens. 

Alongside these two, newcomer Diego Calva plays the lead role of Manny Torres. Moreover, following "Spider-Man: No Way Home", we can look forward to a return of Tobey Maguire, who will play a supporting role in the film. We are definitely excited about "Babylon" and look forward to its planned theatrical release on January 6, 2023. 

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