New Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford?

Here's what the actor himself says

by Pierre Lorenz on June 6, 2019

Who would have guessed? Only last week we reported that Stephen Spielberg

would like to have a new face as the leading actor for "Indiana Jones 5", but now it is clear

that the 76-year-old Harrisson Ford will be once again an archaeologist in front of the


And not only that, because Ford himself announced at the same time the start date of the

shooting. In an interview with Variety, he announced that the

shooting will start sometime next year. He also assured,

that things are going well and that they are finally in the process of achieving a satisfactory


Until we can see Harrison Ford in his cult role as Indiana Jones,

we'll have to wait another two years.

Image of Indiana Jones 5, Django/Zorro, Wonder Woman 2