Fast & Furious 12: The Finale of the Action Series will be Completed with Another Film

The finale was actually to be told in two films

by Pierre Lorenz on May 16, 2023

This week, "Fast X", originally the penultimate part of the popular action series, was released in cinemas. After many movies and even more action sequences, many people still can't quite part with the film series. As was reported last week, there is now further news about the future of the franchise in time for the theatrical release, which should please many fans.

The reviews for the current "Fast & Furious 10" are pretty decent so far. However, the marketing and production budget for the tenth part has also increased by a considerable amount, which is why those in charge will probably have to expect somewhat lower net revenues. Nevertheless, according to many fans, going to the movies was worth it simply because of Jason Momoa's appearance, which is said to be very reminiscent of the Joker. There is also a big surprise at the end of the movie, which we won't go into detail about here. But what's next for the franchise?

The world premiere of the film in Rome caused a stir, with Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel, among others, commenting on the future. Diesel stated that studio Universal has seen the current film and wondered if the story could be told as a trilogy. Diesel's co-star Rodriguez supported the statement by saying that each story has three acts, which is also a big hint for "Fast & Furious 12".

So if you like action-packed popcorn movies, you can probably look forward to two more films from the "Fast & Furious" franchise in the coming years. We cannot wait to see what happens next!

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