Indiana Jones 5: Steven Spielberg no longer available as director?

Nevertheless he will not leave the project completely

by Pierre Lorenz on March 4, 2020

In the near future the Indiana Jones film series will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Nevertheless, there will be a major change for the fifth part, because for the first time Steven Spielberg will no longer be available to direct the cult movie. This news comes as quite a surprise, after all, Disney had the 73-year-old director firmly planned. Towards Variety, Spielberg announced his reasons for leaving. He thinks that Indiana Jones 5 should be told about a new generation and perspective, which is why he is happy to pass on the job. However, he will not leave the project completely, as he will continue to be a member of the production team.

Shooting is scheduled to start this summer, until then James Mangold could take over the director's chair. Allegedly Disney is also already in negotiations with Mangold.

The new release date of Indiana Jones 5 is supposed to be 09.07.2021, but depending on the start of production it is also possible that the release will be postponed again.

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