Tom Holland as Finn in "Star Wars"?

Here's why the casting didn't work out

by Pierre Lorenz on February 19, 2021

Things are going pretty well for Tom Holland at the moment: the third "Spider-Man" movie is coming out soon, he's also starring in the upcoming "Uncharted", and in addition to all the A-list movies, he can also play more serious roles, for example in "Cherry" and "The Devil All The Time". But obviously it didn't just come to him, because as the 24-year-old recently revealed in an interview with Backstage, he even auditioned for a role in Disney's "Star Wars" trilogy. If a rather funny mishap hadn't happened to him back then, we could probably see Tom Holland in the role of the Stormtrooper and later resistance fighter Finn today. He is said to have mastered the first casting rounds brilliantly, but when he then auditioned for a scene with a woman who made droid noises, he just couldn't keep himself from laughing. Needless to say, he didn't get the part and John Boyega beat out the others. Do you think Tom Holland would have fit the role of Finn as well as Boyega or do you think it's a good thing that he didn't get the role in the end? Feel free to tell us your opinion in the comments!

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