The Boys: Jensen Ackles Becomes the New Superhero

The "Supernatural" star impresses with a new look as well

by Pierre Lorenz on May 19, 2021

Almost every film and series fan knows Jensen Ackles, the lead actor from "Supernatural". There, he embodies the understanding and funny main character Dean in 15 seasons and so far he has rarely been seen in other projects. Now, however, that's over, because a change of scenery awaits the 43-year-old. Since April, he has been posting pictures of his new beard, which seems to be getting increasingly voluminous, in preparation for his character Soldier Boy. His transformation from golden boy to hillbilly was thus not an act of laziness to shave in times of the pandemic, but is clearly part of his new role. In the comics, Soldier Boy is a rather grim character who, in addition to his superior speed and strength, has a mighty shield for both attack and defense up his sleeve. Funnily enough, Soldier Boy has no facial hair at all in the comics, which is why Jensen Ackles will rather strike out on his own, at least on the surface. We are eagerly awaiting season 3 of "The Boys" and look forward to the unfortunately still unknown release date on Amazon Prime. 

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