Constantine 2: Keanu Reeves Reprises Role After More Than 17 Years

There is still a big fan base for the original film

by Pierre Lorenz on September 19, 2022

Most fans know Hollywood star Keanu Reeves above all for the "Matrix" movies or, in recent years, for the very successful "John Wick" trilogy. Less successful at the box office was "Constantine" from 2005, a film adaptation of the well-known "Hellblazer" comics from DC about John Constantine, a magician and exorcist who usually appears in a trench coat. Especially the ambivalence of the main character and the morally often questionable compass make John Constantine an intriguing protagonist and the epitome of an antihero. Moreover, the clever tactician did not acquire his abilities by an accident or a mentor. Rather, he has grown to be who he is through years of training and a will of iron. No matter what he may say or do, it could be nothing more than a trick that cunningly manipulates the other person. 

Now, after a long time, a sequel starring Keanu Reeves is coming. Behind the camera, director Francis Lawrence and producer J. J. Abrams are back for a second time. The screenplay is by "I Am Legend" writer Akiva Goldsman. Presumably one of the driving forces behind the belated sequel was even Keanu Reeves himself, since the 58-year-old had been contemplating a return to the role of John Constantine for some time. In the meantime, there were even rumors that a series by J.J. Abrams was in the works, but with the announcement of "Constantine 2" and the involvement of his company Bad Robot Productions, it is considered unlikely that this is still in the planning stage. Fans now hope for a sequel that lives up to its popular precursor and is similar in terms of style and the likability of the characters. A release date has not been fixed yet. 

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