Film Highlights 2022: These are the Community Winners

Among them are "Uncharted", "Smile", "The Woman King" and many more

by Pierre Lorenz on January 12, 2023

As the new year begins, we're taking you behind the scenes for a look at our extensive data and statistics. We have analyzed in detail how you reacted to various releases in 2022 in three categories and which film is the community's favorite.

Above all, we wanted to know which movies kept you engaged the most. That's why we didn't just focus on the highest number of views, but where there were the most interactions per viewer: Where were you most eager to discuss, which videos did you immediately have to share with your friends, and what got your Likes? Our rankings are based on all the videos that were uploaded for a film and we have now compiled the results for you here in this video.

The Movies with the Most Comments 

In our first category, we analyzed which movies were the most discussed among you. For this purpose, we calculated the ratio between views and comments and thus obtained a list of the films that received the most comments per viewer. 

1. The Woman King

2. The Munsters

3. Bros

4. Emancipation 

5. Pinocchio

The film drama "The Woman King" won this category by far. Many people were particularly upset by the fact that the film lacks any reference to actual historical facts. Other comments, however, found "The Woman King" entertaining and are unable to understand the criticism.

The silver medal is awarded to two movies with the same ratings: Rob Zombie's horror comedy "The Munsters" and the rom-com "Bros". "The Munsters" has gathered some comments mainly due to its trash factor, many comparing it either to a 90s Disney production or an amateur video. In "Bros" you got tired of the boring story, while others thought the trailer was funny.

Following close behind is the historical film "Emancipation". The comments under these videos are less about the movie itself, as they are filled with jokes about Will Smith's freak-out at the Oscars, which is without a doubt a slap in the face for those in charge of the film.

Fifth place was secured by Disney's remake of "Pinocchio". The remake was eagerly awaited, but the mood was very mixed. Not everyone thinks it's a good thing that one animated classic after another gets a live-action adaptation. So even children's and family films are by no means immune to wild discussions. 

Most Shared Movies

Let's move on to the second category and reveal which film you have shared the most with your family and friends. For this purpose, we calculated the views of all videos of the respective films from 2022 with the number of shares. This revealed which movies were shared the most per viewer reached.

1. Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe

2. Violent Night 

3. Everything Everywhere All at Once

4. The Woman King

5. Smile

The most popular share is "Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe". The two cult characters from the 90s are returning to the big screen after many years and this has caused you to happily share. A full 6.5% of you shared the trailer - we wonder how many millennials there were.

Second place goes to the action comedy "Violent Night", which 5.3% of you shared. According to the comments, the film was very well received, with David Harbour in the lead role causing many laughs.

The bronze medal goes to "Everything Everywhere All at Once". The science fiction film scored with its unpredictable plot and is even considered by some to be one of the best films of 2022. So it's not surprising that just under 4.7% of viewers shared it with their friends.

"The Woman King" and "Smile" rank close behind, with only a small gap between them. "The Woman King" already holds first place among the most controversial movies, which is why we are undoubtedly talking about one of the most discussed movies of 2022. 4.3% of you at least couldn't keep the trailers from your friends.

The horror film "Smile" then took fifth place, also with 4.3% shares per view. It quickly became the most successful horror film since the beginning of the pandemic and also received positive reviews. Many of you probably did not want to deal with the creepy trailer alone, which is why it was actively shared.

Most Liked Movies

Last but not least, we arrive at the supreme discipline: the movies that you liked best and expressed that by giving them a thumbs up. We used the number of likes per viewer on all published videos of the films from 2022 as the basis for our data.

1. Belle

2. My Fake Boyfriend

3. The Bob's Burgers Movie 

4. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 

5. Uncharted

The Japanese animated film "Belle" has received the most thumbs up from you and is therefore your favorite film of 2022. The emotional story, which is based on "Beauty and the Beast", was obviously well received by you.

Close second place goes to the romantic comedy "My Fake Boyfriend". This matches the movie reviews, which were likewise rather positive.

In third place was "The Bob's Burgers Movie", the movie spin-off of the popular animated series. Although it failed to achieve major success at the box office, the movie went down well with critics and fans.

The choice between fourth and fifth place was once again a close call for the most liked movies of 2022. By a narrow lead, "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special" took the fourth spot. However, the videos of "Uncharted" with Tom Holland come in just after and therefore end up in fifth place.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our statistics. As you can see, the most successful films don't always have to be the most popular ones! A small service note to finish off: We also post the dislikes under many of our videos as a comment, so you can always get a realistic and accurate picture of how well a video is really received.

Image of THE WOMAN KING Trailer (2022)
Image of BELLE Trailer (2022)